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Standard membership includes initiation into Gladies Womens Club, attendance to all club meetings, attendance to all social events, addition to closed Facebook group, participation in board of directors voting and addition to club women’s directory.

Food catering Excluded
Membership due date is: January 1st of each year.



Standard membership includes initiation into Gladies Womens Club, attendance to all club meetings, attendance to all social events, addition to closed Facebook group, participation in board of directors voting and addition to club women’s directory.

Food catering Excluded
Membership due date is: January 1st of each year.


Gold membership includes all opportunities Standard membership with the addition of Gold business opportunities which include marketing and advertising through the club via verbal presentation at meetings, opportunity to advertise business offerings and discounts via club website.

Food catering Included.

2 extra tickets for guests
Membership due date is: January 1st of each year.

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Here at Gladies, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings in 2017, we’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Non-Profit Organization upon: support, empowerment, and progress. Learn more about our mission, our vision, and how we go about making the changes we want to see.

Thank you for your interest in the Gladies Russian Speaking Womens Club of Atlanta. Please select which membership type below.



Elena Gregorian -

Vise President of Gladies

I was born and raised in Samarkand, former Uzbekistan. I've lived in Atlanta since 1993. I'm the CEO and owner of Atlanta Appliances Repair, Inc. My company repairs large appliances for residential and commercial customers. I have two beautiful children (Alex, who is finishing college, and a Margaret, who became a successful executive at a very young age). My pets are two Yorkshire Terriers and my husband Vlad of 33 years. My hobbies are traveling and cooking. I run baking classes of the finer French and Russian desserts. My passions are charity and helping those in need.


Elena Gasan

I was born in Ukraine. Moved to England in 1984, then in 1995 moved to Atlanta where I live till now. First job I had here was in medical field (billing and coding coordinator), after 5 years I changed my major and became Database Administrator in Federal Agency. I love my family for better or worse, love traveling around the world, enjoy nice music good novels, and movies. Gladies club added to my life different colors, flavors and creativities. Any time I meet new people it gives me life experience. We are different and can share our best skills between us.

Elena Pitts.jpg

Elena Pitts

1. Came to Atlanta, GA in January 1998 from Moscow, Russia. However, in Russia lived in different cities, to name a few Ulan-Uda, Tashkent, Ulyanovsk, Krasnodar.

2. I am a fashion designer and work on my brand Elena Akoulova. Under that brand I develop a few lines: Little Lady, Mammy and Me, and RTW collection for women. In addition to that I am an university professor, where I teach fashion design. Among the universities I worked are AIU, AAU and Mount Mary University.

3. I enjoy to create things with my hands: different crafts, sewing, embellishments; also I love to bake and create chocolate desserts and candies.

4. I enjoys to socialize and connect with beautiful and intelligent ladies and communicate with them and my native language


Angelina Chernyatina

My name is Angelina Chernyatina. Today I’m the manager of ESL department (English as a second language) in Interactive College of Technology, I live in my own house with my husband and our lovely child. However, it not always have been like that. Originally I’m from Tashkent the capital of Uzbekistan. I remember, how we came to United States in 2013 without knowing anyone and speaking any English. We had hard times finding work and a place to live. Things start changing when I went to school to learn English. Guess where, that’s right it is Interactive College of Technology. After 16 month I was able to become and admission and from there my career went up. After all I love family time, cooking, dancing …Today I can enjoy my life and appreciate the city the community and a specially Gladies Club as an excellent women's club where you can relax, learn, share and become a better you!


Gulya Shakirova

I moved from Uzbekistan to the Atlanta area in 1995. I am blessed with an incredible family and married with two sons. One works in politics and the other is about to graduate from college and being an officer in the Marine Corps. I am very proud to have worked for more than 20 years working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). I am a scientist and working with Division Laboratory of Science in Inorganic Toxicology and Nutrition Branch. Outside of work, I love spending my free time with my family. I also like to travel, listen to music, and explore in nature. With the quarantine, I am also focusing on staying healthy and getting fit. I have participated in the Gladies club only once but really enjoyed the warm and friendly atmosphere. It was great to connect with other women in the area and I hope to continue doing so.


Irina Hall

My name is Irina Hall. I moved to USA in 2000 from Sevastopol, Russia

I have been in dentistry for alsmost 20 years working as a Registered Dental

Hygienist. Also I am a Licenced Esthetician and would like to grow in the field as well.

My credo: Never surrender! Hobbies are dancing, art, sports and remodeling.

I am interested in Gladies by Russian ladies unity of Atlanta, high quality club and great for team and self development.


Lana Finley

Lana Finley, born in Volga, has been living here in Atlanta for twenty years, enjoying the atmosphere of the south. I am a chemist by education - an ecologist, and I worked as an ecologist both in Russia and here in America and still think, this work very interesting. I write articles on the interaction of human and chemistry. Together with my friend Olga Garcia Salas we created our own line of cosmetics "Golden Phae Cosmetics "- America's first line of cosmetics based on Siberian sea buckthorn oil and natural technologies. As a hobby, I like good books, opera, the Flamenco culture and collect old antique china. And so that the collection does not stand idle, I gather friends for a tea party.

For me, the women's club is a great opportunity to show the strength of the association of like-minded people. This is an opportunity not only to expand the horizons of communication, but also real help to those who are just adapting in a new country, in a new cultural environment. Knowledge through communication is one of the directions of the club. And of course, tea drinking with friends.


Lilia Anteau

My name is Lilia Anteau. I was born and raised in Russia and moved to United States a little over 20 years ago. I have dedicated my life to helping others to move efficiently, continue do things they love to do, and feel and look their very best! I have a background in Education and Psychology from University in my home country, as well as Registered Nursing in the United States with 13 years experience of working in acute medical settings. In order to help people to fit nutrition and fitness into their busy lifestyle in 2015 I opened my studio Adventure Core Nutrition and Fitness in Johns Creek, GA. With Covid-19 pandemic I started teaching many of my programs virtually, which allowed me to help people outside of town and even in other states and countries. When I am not in my studio, I can be found in the mountains hiking or mountain biking with my family, students, clients and friends. I am very excited to be an active member of the women’s club «Gladies”! It provides a unique opportunity to meet new friends with common goals and interests, connect with potential prospects, as well as learn more about variety of useful for women topics, related to health, beauty, fashion, business and much more. Very happy our club is growing! Join us!


Nata Art

I moved to USA 16 years ago. Originally from Ukraine, Kiev, I am an artist and a dancer. I have been creating art since early childhood and completed the Art Academy in Ukraine and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I love art and enjoy painting, using different techniques (watercolor, pastel, colored pencils, acrylic, oil, canvas). Throughout my life, painting was something I never stopped doing. It’s an almost meditative process that fills me with life and happiness, and I couldn’t go for long periods without it. Art is the love of my life!

When I moved to Atlanta, I started to dance. I even teached a ballroom classes and competed in latin dance competitions! That is why I paint a lot of dancers, because I am very inspired by their gorgeous sparkling dresses and sassy dance poses!


I joined club Gladies 2 years ago. I love club Gladies because you can meet new friends, demonstrate your talents by participating in the shows, dress up and have a good time!


Olga Garcia Salas

Born in Norilsk, the world's most northern continuously occupied city, covered in snow 9 months out of the year, it was no wonder that I loved Georgia with its hot summers and beautiful gardens as soon as I arrived in the United States in 1996. After completing my university education with a degree in Management, Marketing and Distribution, I managed various businesses for about 20 years until starting a small company together with my friend and business partner Lana Finley, a talented chemist.

My passion is education, especially in the field of health and beauty. I also enjoy studying and creating all things beautiful and orderly - from enterior design to growing English roses, from tea ceremony to classical literature. Efficiency with elegance is my motto in all things, both in business and in life.

Joining "Gladies", which stands for Georgia Ladies, allowed me to meet many like-minded individuals and it has been a pleasure to share my interests with them while learning new things from the Club's talented and beautiful members. We are united by our common values, culture and history, yet each individual brings something personal to the equasion, which makes our group both versatile and insightful. I am delighted to have made new friends and aquaintances and found my life enriched by joining the Club.










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