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Dear Prospective and Current Members,

On behalf of the Gladies Russian Speaking Womens Club of Atlanta, I would like to welcome you to our club! 
  Our organization is a unique and diverse group of women from many eastern European countries who share Russian as our common language. We welcome any and all Russian speaking women who are looking to join a community of like-minded individuals who want to connect and give back to their local community.
  Our strength as an organization is derived from our vast diversity and interests. We have many established members with various social and business backgrounds which helps foster professional networks. Our many social events and activities provide members many opportunities to create new friendships and perhaps learn a new skill or uncover a hidden talent. We are non-profit volunteer based organization that encourages member involvem
  I hope that our club will be the warm home that invites all Russian speaking women, especially those who are migrating from other countries, with open arms. The club will help us create new relationships that will serve as a support network to ensure that we are all heard and we are all able to help one another. 
  Our goal is to provide opportunities for women to share their knowledge and experiences while also learning from the knowledge and experiences of others. 
  My hope is that this club will last for years to come and everyone will be proud to be a member because as individuals we can help one another but together, we can help the community.


Natalya Khapun

President of Gladies

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